Will Artificial Intelligence become smarter than humans by 2025?

Well-known businessman and social media platform owner Elon Musk will go.

He shared a podcast clip in which famous forecaster Ray Kurzweil talked about whether AI will soon achieve human-like intelligence.

Musk, who is known for speaking openly about AI, echoed Kurzweil’s prediction that “within the next year there will probably be an AI with greater intelligence than any human.” Not only this, he also said that by 2029, perhaps AI will become smarter than all humans.

These words of Kurzweil match his previous predictions, in which he had said that by 2029 AI will achieve human-like intelligence. He says that technology is progressing very fast, because the speed of computers has increased a lot in the last 80 years. Kurzweil’s words help us think about how AI will develop in the future and what impact it will have on society.

What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?

The AI system that can be smarter than humans is called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Nowadays this term has become a hot topic in the field of technology, especially since the advent of advanced systems like ChatGPT, Bing AI and Gemini.

Although the term has become very popular, there is still no complete consensus on what it actually means.

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If understood in simple language, AGI means the stage when the AI system will be able to do everything that humans can do, and can even surpass us in some tasks.

For example, it can do any kind of research, write reports, draw pictures, code things (code things – write things in a programming language)

What do technology leaders think about AGI?

There is considerable disagreement among technology leaders about when or if AGI will happen. Some people believe that AGI can come only next year, while on the other hand some people believe that it will never be possible.

Apart from this, there is also a debate going on whether AGI will be beneficial or harmful. Understanding the views of technology leaders helps us predict what impact AGI may have on society in the future.

Sam Altman on AGI

Sam Altman, founder and CEO of OpenAI, is among those who believe that AGI can greatly benefit humans. Speaking to Time magazine, he said, “I think AGI will be the most powerful technology ever.

If you think about the cost of intelligence and everyone who has access to it, the price is coming down and the intelligence capacity is increasing significantly. This will be a whole new world. “This is the world that science fiction has promised us for years – and for the first time I think we can start to see what it’s going to be like.”

Meta’s Yann LeCun

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Speaking to Time magazine earlier this year, Meta’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun said that today’s AI chatbots are not moving towards AGI. He said that the capacity of these systems is limited even when using a lot of data. Lacan says that these systems provide false information and do not understand the real world.

Sundar Pichai on AGI

Speaking to The New York Times, Google CEO Sundar Pichai rejected the ongoing debate about AGI. He said existing systems are going to be more capable in the future.

He believes that this debate is not very important as to when AGI will come because these systems will anyway be so advanced that they can be very beneficial for us as well as cause harm. For example, they may also be able to spread misinformation.


Effect of Elon Musk's tweet

This tweet by Elon Musk has sparked a lot of discussion regarding the direction of development of Artificial Intelligence. By bringing Kurzweil’s ideas to their platform, they have fueled the debate about how fast AI is progressing and what changes it could bring in the future. His tweet gives us an opportunity to consider the pace of development of technology and its potential impacts on our lives.

What will be the future?

It is difficult to tell right now when AGI will come and what impact it will have on society. However, technology is constantly advancing and it can be expected that AI will become even more advanced in the coming years. It is important that we take the development of AI in the right direction to reap its benefits and minimize its potential harms.

To move this conversation forward, it is important that governments, technology companies, and scientists work together to ensure that AI development is ethical.

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