opener ai has launched Sora, we can make movies with its help

Have you ever thought that there is no need for a phone and laptop to make your video because AI has launched Open AI Sora, if you give it text then it converts it into the form of video.

Just a few days ago, Sora was launched which converts our text into video form and it has sora us that a lot of advances are being made like it converts the text into its video form very well and our Helps where the work which used to take 2 days to do can be done in just 10 minutes with the help of ai sora.

what is Sora open ai?

Sora Open AI is an AI model that converts text into video, like when we watch a video, we can tell by looking at the video what type of video we want, so we can make the video accordingly.

How does Sora work?

Sora does a very nice trick which is called the diffusion model, first, we are not able to see the good video, then she makes a good video and gives it to us as if it is real and she is in the frame type and that means Is the best video ever made.

How is Sora able to produce videos that look exactly like real videos? If someone reads it and understands which location should be kept in which video, what type of video should be made, then he makes good videos for us because he has got training in this.

sora is so good?

The video that Sora makes is very detailed and well-made. Just like we tell a small thing to Sora, it means he makes a very good video, that is how things feel, and if he has to put something in type in the middle of the video. He keeps it, writes the design very well, and designs it exactly accordingly.

Although he also tells us about Sora and how good he is, if we create a video of the jungle then he creates it and we can also speed up or slow down his video from our account, so Sora is very good.


Sora is not just a video-making tool, but a platform that magically brings stories to life. This could revolutionize the way storytelling is done in the future, opening up new possibilities for filmmakers and storytellers.

Although it is still in development, its limitless capabilities promise to reshape the way filmmaking and storytelling are done in the future. So think of your story, tell it to Sora, and be part of the magic of the future!

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